Why can't I search for content in all my PowerPoint® presentations?
Is there a Google-like search available for PowerPoint®?
Once I find what I need, how do I ensure I don't lose it again?
Help! My .PPT files are eating up my disk space!

Are you having a hard time locating your PowerPoint® presentations, slides and content? Problem solved! Search through all your PowerPoint® files to locate the one presentation or slide that you need now in one search. You no longer need to rifle through your computer's workspaces or drives. Search through all your presentations at once using the power of Anan™.

Search Retrieve

You found what you were looking for. Let Anan™ take you one step closer by letting you select only the pieces you want to include in a new presentation. You may need the whole presentation, or just a single slide. Anan™ lets you retrieve what you need. Cut and paste content into a new slide or select a slide in its finished state and place into a new presentation.

Search Publish

The best part of Anan™ is you never even need to open PowerPoint® to prepare your new presentation. Once you've found what you need, select the slides you want, click 'Publish' and let Anan™ create a new presentation for you. It's that easy! Search - Retrieve - Publish all from Anan™.